Train Hard Fitness Gym is home to attentive, motivating and experienced personal trainers Liverpool, NY that can give you the tools you need to meet your fitness goals. Our personal trainers Baldwinsville, NY offer top-notch, one-on-one service and a variety of fitness programs and recommendations to choose from, including an 8-week, total-body-makeover program. Their programs are one-of-a-kind and customized based on a personal fitness assessment, your specific fitness goals and the most suitable workouts for your body-type and fitness levels.

Train Hard Fitness personal trainer liverpool, NY use many different techniques, which help keep things interesting and therefore, helps keep you motivated. Combined with proper nutrition, supplements and muscle confusion, our personal trainer Liverpool, NY programs will help maximize the results you're looking for. We strive to offer all clients a service that is all-encompassing and that goes above and beyond other competitors in the industry.

Programs & Services

  • Personal Training – custom exercise program to reach a client's specific fitness goals
  • Lifestyle Coaching – assistance with establishing a healthy lifestyle
  • 8 Week Total Body Makeover – a complete nutrition and training program targeting results within a set period
  • Compound Training – training focusing on techniques involving more than one muscle group
  • Weight Loss – focus on reduction of body fat
  • Cardiovascular – focus on increasing endurance and stamina
  • Body Building – training for those that may be more experienced, looking to build more muscle
  • Strength Training – general program to teach how weight training can help build overall strength and muscle
  • Functional Training – total body movement
  • Custom Supplement Programs – how to take and what supplements to use to help optimize results
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